Understand the mechanics of the game


How does it work?

The game simulates the results of football tournaments such as the World Cup. Each participating team owns qualities in defense, midfield, and attack, represented by stars ranging from 1 to 5. These qualities are defined at the beginning of each game, within the range of possibilities of each team, creating subtle variations from one game to another.

Teams evolution

Over the course of the tournaments, the qualities of each team fluctuate slightly. In addition, every three tournaments, the teams’ qualities are adjusted more strongly within their range of possibilities, simulating the evolution and renewal of national selections.


Surprises and unpredictability

This mechanism of evolving team qualities allows for surprising results and dynamic evolutions throughout the tournaments. Thus, the game remains unpredictable and non-repetitive, offering a rich and varied experience with each playthrough.

Interactive "fan" mode

As a supporter, you can influence the qualities of the teams! Use specific items during matches against the opponents of your favorite team to reduce the qualities of the opponent or increase those of your team. Immerse yourself in the action and experience an even more immersive gaming experience!


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